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Sports Day and Summer Challenges

Sports Day Monday was a very busy and active day for Oak class as we ran the Reception Sports Day and then took part in our very own. All of our planning paid off and we have been inundated with praise for the children’s efforts and attitude when helping the youngest children in our school … Continued


Oak class have been studying the story of Weslandia, which tells of a boy who is treated like an outcast in the real world so he works to create his own. We have been thinking really carefully about what it would take to create our own world or community. This week, we produced brochures that gave information about … Continued

Graphing and Redrafting

Statistics and data have been at the centre of our Maths learning this week. We used our recently revised measuring skills to analyse the hand spans of people in Oak class (as well as some Year 1 visitors). Here is our physical graph. We then went on to discuss what we needed to create a … Continued

UCPS Race for Life 2017

For the past few weeks, Year 3 have been planning and preparing the Race for Life in aid of Cancer Research UK. This afternoon, 100 children ran 3km for the charity event – here we all our proudly displaying our medals. Oak have led the way on this event and were true role models for … Continued

A surprise visitor joins us for Snuggle with a Story

On Wednesday, Oak class were joined by a very special little visitor – our honorary class mascot Ashton! To help us with our PSHE learning about Change and Growing Up, Mr Drane’s sister and nephew were kind enough to visit us to answer all sorts of questions about what it takes to raise a baby. … Continued

Gravel Hill Farm

We’ve had a lovely first three days back after half term. The highlight of the week may have been our trip to Gravel Hill farm, where we worked together to create ‘tea houses’ out of lots of incredible materials (more pictures to follow). Then, someone from the North Cambridge Development Site came to tell us … Continued

What a performance!

We started off this week by editing and publishing our poems, which we were able to show to Tony Mitton! He performed some of his poetry for us, which inspired performances of our own written pieces…   We’ve also had a lot of fun in Maths – making ‘fraction rainbows,’ sharing ‘sweets’ and competing in teams to find … Continued

Rhythm and Rhyme

Creativity has been flowing through Oak class all week, and what a great time we’ve had! The ArtScapers were back – Gravel Hill Farm was a no-go due to the rain, but we put our architect hats back on as we mapped out plans for the North-West Cambridge Development Site:   We discovered decimals when measuring … Continued

ArtScapers and Tepee Makers

Art has played a big part in our learning this week, thanks to a visit from the ArtScapers. We entered a world as prospectors and researchers, imagining we hadn’t visited our surroundings before. We sought out key artefacts, examined, labelled and became curators of our very own museum. Our careful and focused approach continued as we … Continued

Oak visit the Scott Polar museum and Botanic Gardens

What a busy 4 day week we have had in Year 3. It all culminated in our wonderful, sunny trip to the Botanic Gardens. First of all, we had to catch the bus. Then we explored the differences between the Artic and the Antarctic. We even managed to spot the Endurance! Next, we got a chance … Continued

Fraction Action

Oak have been thinking deeply about fractions this week. We have been exploring different ways of showing fractions and tackling real-life problems. We even moved the classroom around to experiment with our approach to maths. Please find a particularly tricky problem below:   This week also saw the return of Snuggle with a Story. Thank … Continued

Hazardous journey…bitter cold…constant danger…honour and recognition in case of success

To introduce our new topic of, Survival, we have been looking at the famous story of Shackleton’s journey to the Antarctic. The Oak classroom has morphed into the deck of the Endurance, with children becoming captains, stewards, scientists and even a stowaway! We have been looking closely at the vocabulary used by Shackleton in his advertisement for … Continued

∞ Day 2017

What if you keep halving a half forever? Is infinity a number or an idea? Is the universe infinite? On Wednesday, we thought about these questions and many more as we explored the concept of Infinity as part of our Maths enrichment day. We were lucky to have visitors from nRich that gave us lots of … Continued

Football or Truncated Icosahedron?

Earlier this week, Oak class had some very special visitors, all the way from Finland. We owe a huge thanks to Kristof and his colleagues, who helped us to see geometrical patterns in a playful and creative way. We looked for patterns and made connections – can you see the flower here? We also constructed … Continued

British Science Week 2017

This week, the scientists of Oak class have been creating experiments to consider what makes an effective, wind-dispersed seed. We have been thinking very carefully about how to design and carry out a fair test by changing only one variable. The beautiful weather enabled us to take our learning outside and put our paper seeds … Continued

Gymnastics Day and a visit from Alexis Deacon

This week has been packed full of excitement and learning. On Monday, we were lucky enough to have a visit from Little Gym, who brought some wonderful equipment for us to enjoy. We climbed… …flipped (fearlessly!)…   …danced… …and bounced away with our friends… This enriching opportunity forms part of our vision for physically active children at … Continued

Book Week 2017

Reading really ‘took off’ this week, with our flying-themed World Book Day celebrations and Henry Finch inspired thinking. World Book Day was celebrated in style with flying themed costumes – it was clear to see the huge amount of effort both adults and children had put into costumes, so thank you to everyone – Oak class looked … Continued

Diversity, Dodging and Digital Clocks

Welcome back. Our return to school saw us begin with Diversity Day. Throughout the day, we discussed how families come in many different shapes, sizes and forms. To explore our own sense of family, we thought about what makes our family special or unique. We explored different nationalities, cultures, living arrangements and hobbies. As well as … Continued

Cacao vs. Cocoa: Oak Decide

After raising £145 at the recent bake sale, the class decided that they would like to spend some of the money on chocolate ingredients so that they could finish this half term’s topic in delicious style..! On Thursday, we all produced our own, raw cacao chocolates. This not only allowed us to practise our weighing, teamwork … Continued

Brilliant Science, Bamboo and Bones

What wonderful learning we have enjoyed this week! It all began with a visit from the Cambridge Science Centre. We explored air resistance and flight, using a real-life wind tunnel. There were force challenges, electricity conundrums and even a piece of meteorite. As well as this, we reached into the depths of space and gravity, … Continued

Snuggle with a Story

This week, Oak class were lucky enough to be the first class to take part in the new Snuggle with a Story – bringing together parents/carers and children to enjoy and share in reading for pleasure. Thank you to all of those who took part – keep an eye out for the next date.    … Continued

Forests, Fairies and Frolicking – Shakespeare Week 2017

A strange spell has been cast over UCPS this week. Faires, Dukes, Writers and Pixies came together to celebrate William Shakespeare We began our week with a visit from Shakespeare himself..! We returned to class, determined to know more about his work. Oak class discovered that not only did he write many plays, but he … Continued

The Inaugural UCPS Winter Olympics and a Happy New Year

Welcome back to all of our lovely Oak children and families. This week’s blog takes a brief look back to 2016 – as we missed the chance to talk about the Winter Olympics – before talking about our exciting first week back. Oak class had the particularly important job of being leaders within their teams. … Continued

‘Twas the Week Before Christmas

This week, Year 3 were lucky enough to be offered a Bikeability Level 1 course. The helpful course providers showed us: how to ensure our bikes are safely set up; how to start and stop in a controlled manner; how to change gear correctly; how to maintain control and manoeuvre carefully and accurately. All of the … Continued

We ❤ Computing

We just cannot get enough Computing at the moment…! As we begin to use the Chromebooks more and more, we are discovering how powerful coding and computational thinking can be. This week, we reflected on how computers have changed the world and continued our use of the Blockly coding language to create solutions to a … Continued

Hour of Code

Have you ever thought about what happens to make your computer, iPad or phone work? This is exactly what Oak class have been thinking about this week – the lines and lines of code that lay behind many of our electronic interactions. We then took part in some coding ourselves. Through the Hour of Code … Continued

The Great Robo-Oak Mystery, Angle-Eating and Shared Stories

A mysterious sight appeared in the UCPS grounds this week, stopping Year 3 in their tracks. What seemed to be the right arm of a robot was spotted outside an empty classroom, prompting the detectives of Oak class to seek out answers…! Police tape surrounded the scene and, as we approached, we were uncertain how safe … Continued

AMazeing FaRTHER stories, puzzling intervals and persuasive postcards

Oak class have been working incredibly hard on their writing this week. We feel very proud to have 4 outstanding pieces of learning on our Aiming for the Stars board, but the class as a whole have been imagining some wonderfully creative, thoughtful and well-written FaRTHER-inspired stories. We even got the laptops out today to publish … Continued

Magnificent Oak and their Flying Machines

Flying Machines This week, we have been continuing our thinking about inventions that have changed the world. Our learning has revolved around the great renaissance man, Leonardo Da Vinci and his drawings of flying machines from over 500 years ago. We took inspiration from these and experimented with our own designs – tweaking, testing and adjusting … Continued

Inventing New Learning

The Department of Oakitecture continues Our first morning after the half term break was spent with the Department of Architecture as we continued our important role as clients for the upcoming building projects. Each of the 6 groups of undergraduate students took on board the ideas from Oak’s drawings – as well as our inventive … Continued

Musical Maths

This week saw UCPS focus on the wonders of Music and Mathematics. Below is a flavour of what Oak class investigated, explored and created. In our class maths time we considered how numbers can be represented in all manner of different ways… Children then became teachers, guides and friendship makers in Mr Biddulph’s popular dance … Continued

The Department of Oakitecture

  This week saw the beginning of our collaboration with the University’s Department of Architecture – the ‘Space to Play’ project. We began by drawing the things we like to do when we are outside and what items or equipment we need to play. Next, we each explained our drawings to the architecture undergraduates – … Continued

Stone Age Boys and Girls

Congratulations to our children’s parliament members that were voted in today. Our ambassadors, play mentors and senior circle servers all persuaded the class with some fantastic, idea-filled manifestos. Well done to everyone who put themselves forward as this showed great initiative and courage – it was a very close fought democratic battle. Stone Age Story … Continued

First Aid Fun

Flat Stan First Aid Workshop The first of our three First Aid workshops took place this week. We were introduced to the purpose of First Aid and all of the different ways the emergency services can help us – we heard the sirens of an ambulance and now know what a paramedic’s bike looks like! After … Continued

Oak’s London Adventure

Museum of London It was an absolute pleasure to travel to London with Oak class this week. The Museum of London was a fantastic experience and opened our minds to the history (and pre-history!) as well as the future of London. Everyone was so excited by the sights and sounds of the coach journey itself … Continued

Teaching and Teamwork

Our second busy week in Oak class is over and the overriding theme this week has been team work. We have been thinking very hard about how to be good team member and to support one another in our learning. Teaching Year One The highlight of the week came when the Year One children of Butterfly … Continued

Welcome to Oak Class

A very warm welcome to both children and adults of Year 3, Oak Class. I’m very excited about the year ahead and the possibilities that we will explore together. The year group blog will continue to be a place where the learning in our class will be showcased each week, so please continue to visit. … Continued