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Oliver, Oliver

We really enjoyed our extended LAMDA session with Laura Beth on Monday. We learned two routines from the real-life London show of ‘Oliver’ – here we are asking for ‘some more..’ We’re looking forward to continuing our LAMDA sessions in Year 4. We also took part in the Eddington Flag parade this afternoon, waving our … Continued

Sports Days

It has been a very active week in Oak class as we ran our heat-postponed Sports Day. There was lots of great sportsmanship and healthy competition on show – the winning team from all of the Year 1-3 events will be announced in Wednesday’s Speech Day Celebration  assembly. Next, all of our planning paid off … Continued

Peter and the Wolf

Our Shadow Play learning was really brought to life this week as we were treated to a wonderful performance of Peter and the Wolf by Infusion Physical Theatre. After the show, we took part in a workshop which taught us the fundamentals of mime and body position when creating a shadow performance. We discovered how … Continued

Shapes and Silhouettes

We have taken our World Cup fever into our exploration of shape in Maths. We learned that a truncated icosahedron, used to make footballs, has 32 faces – the same amount of teams that qualified for the tournament in Russia. A little bit of research later, we produced these balls! In Science, we have continued … Continued

Oak’s Shadow Show

We begun our week with a demonstration of the innovative waste collection system used throughout Eddington – we even got to sit in the seat of the truck! Thank you to Cambridge City and South Cambs Shared Waste Service for the opportunity to understand this system and continue in our efforts to raise the profile of … Continued

We’re all Wonders

‘What makes a person a wonder?’ was the question we discussed during our Philosophy for Children (P4C) session on Empathy Day. We discussed the qualities of a wonder and how these can change over time. This led us to think deeply about seeing the wonder in other people, even if they might not fit our … Continued

Shadow Play

It has been a fantastic start to the final term of Year 3 here in Oak Class. In English we are now focusing on poetry and wrote and designed some poems in the form of calligrams, and in maths we have been continuing to explore fractions. This week we also began learning about our new … Continued

Flags and Fiction

This week we enjoyed the second half of our Eddington Flag workshop, where we brought the flags to life by inking our designs onto the silk. All of our flags represent us individually, by the variety of meaningful pictures we created in the inner circle, and the University Primary’s lion’s tail inked in the corners … Continued

Creativity and Compassion

We had even more visitors come and join us in Oak Class this week. On Monday, we had the first of our Eddington flag workshop sessions with some artists, who helped us to design our flag templates. All of our designs include something to represent our heritage, our families and ourselves. We are now very … Continued

Water and Wildlife

As the lovely weather from the bank holiday weekend decided to stick around, Oak Class have been able to enjoy lots of outdoor learning this week. To finish reading our class story ‘The Secret of Black Rock’ we headed to the old Oak tree on Turing Way, which turns out may be facing a similar, … Continued

Fractions, Fielding and Faraway Science

In Maths this week we continued our fraction studies by investigating tenths. To do this we helped a giant create a measuring system so he could build a castle, did you know that 10 pixie feet is equal to one giant’s foot? To test our system we then measured different things around the classroom, including … Continued

Sporting Success

This week has been even more full of sport than usual..! The vast majority of Oak class took part in the South Cambridge Sports Partnership Cross Country Competition. The children made all of the adults incredibly proud with their perseverance and celebration of the achievements of others. Over 600 children took part in the morning, … Continued

A sunny start

Summer term has started and the glorious weather is hopefully here to stay. We decided to go outside for our Philosophy session this week – we pondered over a moral dilemma (who was more guilty in a story full of mistakes – perhaps Oaks could discuss further at home) and we voted to discuss the … Continued

Happy Easter

After the excitement of the FOCUS Easter Egg Hunt, we decided to have a hunt of our own – a country hunt, to link with our Around the World theme. We competed in a race to search for 35 countries all in the right order – very tiring indeed..! We still had just enough energy … Continued

Maps and Medals

A land where animals are in charge? An island dominated by lava? A place where unicorns roam? All of these places (and more!) have been created by the minds of Oak class this week as we playfully crafted our story settings from Lego. We worked together and negotiated how we wanted our ‘worlds’ to look … Continued

Body Brilliance

How does your heart work? What about your food, where does that go? How can you keep a healthy mind? These have been just a selection of questions that Year 3 and 4 have been exploring this week during our Brilliant Bodies focus. Oak class would like to say a big thank you to Mrs … Continued

International Women’s Day 2018

Oak Class spent Thursday taking part in International Women’s Day, thinking about how to #PressforProgress and take action to create a better world for women and girls worldwide. Take a look at this video we made with Dr Biddulph: We considered how both men and women should be able to do anything they want to do … Continued

Books, Brilliance and the Beast from the East

Reading took over this week as World Book Day fever spread throughout Oak class. We each brought in a book from home – we just love reading! We took on the role of authors and created our own books too. We loved buddying up with Bumblebees – sharing our favourite books together. How brilliant it … Continued

Around the World

Where in the world will we travel to this half term? Our topic began with a bit of a tricky, 50-piece puzzle of the countries of Europe. This got us thinking about how the Earth looks from different perspectives, so we took a look and recorded what we found, making connections and thinking hard about … Continued

Special BLOG: Keep your child safe online

This is a special BLOG to give you guidance about how to keep your child safe online. The internet is amazing. Children can play, learn, create and connect – opening up a whole world of exciting possibilities. But with the digital world changing all the time, how can you make sure your child’s staying safe? It’s … Continued

Never was a story of more woe than this of Juliet and her Romeo

Shakespeare Week 2018 saw Oak class study ‘wisely and slowly’ the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. We followed the story as ‘violent delights met violent ends,’ each taking a role and a side in the story. We wrote in character about the discord in Verona and also as Friar Laurence, who plays an important part … Continued

Suspense Stories and Shocks

After carefully studying the Iron Man, we decided to have a go at writing in the style of Ted Hughes. Can you spot the rhetorical questions, short sentences and repetition? We have spent this week proudly publishing our learning and we can’t wait to show these to you at Family Friday next week. In Science, … Continued

Soul Searching

Diversity Day – a big think for everyone in the school. Today, Oak thought hard about our big question – is it possible to stay the same your whole life? This led us to some interesting, deep thoughts about our unique essence, soul or spirit – what does this look like? Can it change? How … Continued

Spark of Inspiration

Forest School helped ignite our interest in the outdoors this week as we explored different ways of starting fires. Using a flint and steel wasn’t easy, but we persevered with our partners and the results were spectacular. We used our new-found skills to experiment with different types of kindling and next week we hope to … Continued

Challenge Accepted

Our first Invention Challenge went off with an impressive flourish this week as we created our very own confetti launchers. Following the thought-process of an inventor took real perseverance as we had to test and revise our designs continually. We had all manner of ways of creating an impressive confetti cloud, from (multi) breath-powered contraptions … Continued

Being kinder than we need to be

Welcome back and a Happy New Year to our families and children. Oak class have resolved to be a ‘little kinder than is necessary’ this year after thinking about this quote from J.M Barrie and what it means to be a compassionate, active citizen. We have started our new topic in this very spirit – … Continued

Fire and Ice

A cold, but exciting final full week of school. In Forest School, we joined with Thames class to enjoy some hot chocolate and smores in the fresh air.   Thank you to Mrs Nash for explaining how to start the fire and for providing the goodies to eat and drink. Our final session will be … Continued

Celebration, Friendship and Hope

As our first term’s LAMDA comes to a close, we have been celebrating and sharing our fantastic performances of our memorised poems. Eye contact, posture and expression have all been on show and will continue to be useful in our upcoming Christmas performances. We also welcomed volunteers from Amnesty International. Antonia and Sarah shared with … Continued

Making, Performing and Investigating

Preparations continued for our fundraising extravaganza, which will take place this Friday (Family Friday, 8th December). We worked carefully to craft our creations and look forward to sharing them with you next week. We were also lucky to experience the English Pocket Opera’s Operatastic show, which introduced us to the ingredients of an opera and … Continued

First foray into Forest School

Oak class took part in the one of the first Forest School sessions to take place at UCPS this week. We all had to wrap up especially warm as we explored our natural surroundings with our friends. We established how we were going to be kind and respectful towards the Forest. And enjoyed being out … Continued

Anti-Bullying Week at UCPS

We have been focused on the importance of being different and unique, but also equal in the way that we are treated as part of Anti-Bullying Week 2017. On Tuesday we wore our odd socks and also completed a puzzle piece for each member of the class – showing how our different interests and personalities … Continued

Poppies and P.E

With Remembrance weekend upon us, Oak class reflected on what it means to be a soldier, what conflict is and the feelings of both sadness and hope that arose from our reflections. As a response to this, we created poppy compositions using glue and pastels.  We also worked hard to come up with different ways … Continued

The Heart and the Bottle

Oak Class went to explore a mystery this week –  an empty chair, a pair of glasses, slippers and an open book. We used all of our questioning skills to try to get to the bottom of this mysterious appearance. Next, we made predictions about the story and will start to look even deeper next … Continued

Family, Food and Diversity

Featuring guest bloggers: L and L We have had an amazing last week of term, including Snuggle with a Story, making Egyptian bread and learning about the different languages in our school. Thank you to all of the adults who came along to the library on Wednesday – we love to share our reading with … Continued

Book Week 2017

Oak class have been so excited to share their books this week – we invited Thames class to share with us and then read with the Year 1 children in the library. We also can’t get enough of Read Theory at the moment – there is a fierce battle to see who can get to number … Continued

The Pyramid, The Sphinx and The Structure of Rocks

Year 3 and 4 were lucky enough to be visited by a Petrologist this week. Dr Bunbury, whose research has taken her to Egypt many times, came to explain to us about how mud and rocks can reveal hidden historical secrets. We learned all about what it takes to survive in the harsh desert environment … Continued

Oak Visit the Fitzwilliam Museum

It’s been such an exciting week in Oak class as we went on our first trip as Year Threes – to the Fitzwilliam Museum. We were very excited, as you can see… After we dropped our bags, we went straight to the Egyptian section and were stunned by the sight of Rameses III. Next, we … Continued

The Pharaoh’s Treasures

Behold, the many pharaohs of Oak class. Some wear the Red Crown, others the White – some even wear the Pschent Double Crown, making them the rulers of all of Ancient Egypt…! At other times this week, we have taken on the role of Egyptologists – searching for clues to uncover King Thutankamun’s riches in our … Continued

Posture and Place Value

This week, we had our first ever LAMDA session with Lauren. We found out about the importance of good posture and have been practising our ‘neutral’ position – maybe Oak children could try this with their adults at home?   In Maths, we were faced with the seemingly impossible task of counting several boxes of … Continued

Welcome to Oak Class 17/18

It has been great to see to see children so excited to be back in school for a new year – a very warm welcome to all children and adults of Year 3, Oak class. We have spent the week preparing for the challenges that will inevitably face us in our learning this year. Practising … Continued