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Together We Can Change the World

What an exciting last full week of school! Redwood and Oak have come together to share their learning through dance, sports and much more. Our flashmob defied the weather and swept a feel-good sensation over Eddington Square. We have planned Sports Day for EYFS and Year 1 and we will be leading the activities on … Continued

Forest, flashmob and fun

This week, Redwood and Oak joined together and started preparing a community project. We want to spread messages of hope and we decided to do this through dance and music. We will be doing a flash mob and we will keep you updated of when and where this will take place as we are still … Continued

Cricket, Collaboration and Community

This week we continued exploring the meaning of community, asking questions like what is our role in our community? How can we improve them? We will keep you posted as we organise a project for Eddington. In English, we are exploring poetry and the power of words. We wrote a stream of consciousness about visions … Continued

Fitzwilliam Fun: exploring our local community!

This week, we started thinking about communities and went to explore Cambridge. The trip to the Fitzwilliam Museum was the highlight of our week! We focused on one painting, and realised the fascinating stories that paintings can tell. We looked closely at the Cupid and Psyche painting by Jacopo del Sellaio; this is the focus  … Continued

Dare to be different about deforestation!

This week in our Topic we have been thinking about deforestation and the impact this has on our planet. During our playful enquiry we have created stories about ways in which we can make a difference. We also continued our blogs and posters on climate change. Our focus in Maths this week has been finding … Continued

Supermarkets, Smoothies and Saving the Planet

We’ve been learning all about having empathy, staying healthy, and how to stop climate change in Year 3 this week. On Tuesday, as part of our empathy day celebrations, we were the first children in the world to read ‘Umbrella’ by Elena Arevalo. In the book, a magical umbrella grants wishes to people, giving them … Continued

Art Week Alien Attack

Some strange (and very green) beings took over this week as part of our creative arts week. There has been simply too much amazing learning to fit into one blog this week: dancing, acting, crafting, writing – what an imaginative and wonderful bunch of children we have in Year 3. Working alongside professional creatives and … Continued

Sharing Stories

What incredible authors we have in Year 3. Our ‘Explorer’ themed rainforest stories were filled with some of the finest writing the Year 3 teachers have seen – we hope you got a chance to read the amazing learning at Family Friday. They were simply too good not to share with others, so we went … Continued

The Forest of Play

Year 3 have embraced the playful approach to learning this week as we explored the different layers of the rainforest, the sounds of the jungle and painted its inhabitants (even using a little French to describe them).  Collaboration, imagination and knowledge have really entwined – we even had the heat of the rainforest (and then … Continued

Cricket, Chemistry and Cauliflower

In order to prepare for the upcoming Cricket World cup, we have been polishing our skills with the help of John, from Chance to Shine. We didn’t let the rain dampen our spirits as we refined our catching and had a big game of continuous cricket inside. We also had another visitor from Mad Science, … Continued

Crashing into the Explorer

In the middle of the Amazon rainforest, a plane crashes leaving 4 children to fend for themselves. This is the premise of our new book ‘The Explorer.’ We have begun exploring the ideas of setting and characterisation – look out for our new books, coming soon! In our topic sessions, we have been using Google … Continued

Two Tribes

In the depths of the rainforest, two tribes met for the first time. Disagreement ensued. Who could be trusted to do the right thing? Who’s responsibility is the rainforest after all? Year 3 hope to answer these and many more questions over the course of this half-term. Whilst we were in the mood for tackling … Continued

Eggscellent End of Term

We were really excited to finish making our t-shirts this week and to show them off to the rest of Key Stage 2 in our fashion show! Redwood had fun performing the ‘Love Song to the Earth’ dance they’ve been practising. All of us in Year 3 have been putting in a lot of effort … Continued

Shape, Subs and Shirts

Year 3 have continued to work hard on their t-shirt designs and we’re very excited to share the finished articles with everyone. We have been sure to take extra-care to make the very best t-shirt possible now that we know what has gone into growing and producing the t-shirts. In Maths, we have been learning … Continued

Happiness, Heroes and Handiwork

This week we celebrated International Day of Happiness and we continued our learning about human rights. In English, we are reading about young heroes who have changed the world, like Clara Lemlich and Iqbal Masih, inspired by them we wrote our own speeches. In Maths, we are focusing on geometry and we have enjoyed finding … Continued

Red Nose Day 2019

Year 3 have been funny for money today as the school raised over £500 for Comic Relief. Wearing red, pulling faces, donning our noses, dancing in assembly and taking part in Family Yoga sessions all helped raise money for this excellent cause. Oak Class were lucky enough to have a bonus German/Science session with Ms … Continued

World Book Day: reading for pleasure

What an exciting  week full of reading opportunities! Did you know that readers have rights? On Wednesday, we took part in a live broadcast with Cressida Cowell, in which she shared her tips for writing powerful stories. We celebrated World Book Day by sharing our favourite books with the class, making our own books and … Continued

Sunny start to Spring 2!

What a lovely week full of learning and sunshine! In Maths, we focused on division and used our knowledge of 3, 4, 8 times tables to solve division challenges. We had Mike Mullen, a BMX champion come to share his passion with us and we all learned that it is much more fun to try … Continued

Connecting, Finding Our Balance and Changing the World

Last week of term already! It has been a pleasure to learn and challenge ourselves with our Fashion topic. Both Redwood and Oak had a chance to talk to their partner classrooms in other parts of the world through the EMPATICO platform. These are some of the children’s comments about this experience: “I learned that … Continued

Crafty Gymnasts

Excitement filled the Gym this week as we used the apparatus for the first time this year. Children experimented with different movements and improved their strength on the climbing equipment. Our weekly sewing challenge took the form of making sock puppets. We customised our recycled footwear (thank you for your contributions) in order to build … Continued

Blog Writing is Snow Joke

Wednesday brought the first snowfall of the year and Year 3 didn’t miss an opportunity to enjoy the white stuff to its full extent. Just don’t tell Mrs Durning that we went on the grass… Shhh…   Our fashion/environment blogs continue to progress. We have even begun publishing some of these for you to read … Continued

Seamless Learning

In English this week we became reporters and worked in groups to unpack the environmental problems caused by the fashion industry. We filmed each other and started transcribing our ideas for a blog, which will hopefully be ready for you to read next week. In Maths, we started learning about multiplication and realised it is … Continued

And sew it begins!

In English, we have been learning shocking facts about the fashion industry and its disastrous effects on the environment. We received a direct challenge from a designer from Pineapple Studios: can we think of ways to make fashion more sustainable? We analysed the features of non-fiction texts and started writing our responses to Stacey Dooley’s video: … Continued

All hail Macbeth!

What a better way to start the term than with the powerful tragedy of Macbeth. We immersed ourselves in the play, becoming the characters and expressing their feelings and ideas in our writing. “Double, double toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble.” We started learning how to read the time, focusing on the analogue … Continued

Cinderella, Crafts and a very Merry Christmas

The whole school was lucky enough to be treated to a fantastic, festive performance of Cinderella by the wonderful CSVPA – and what a performance it was! We have also been getting into the spirit of Christmas in our art sessions. Art even snuck into this Maths challenge, which was very tricky but we eventually managed … Continued

Church, Carols and Creative Learning

The highlight of this week was the trip to Great St Mary’s. It was such a wonderful experience to venture out of school and into the centre of Cambridge. We were fascinated by the history, architecture and art of the Church. Our favourite part was when we all sang Christmas songs together. This week we … Continued

Exploring mental health and maths!

On Monday, we had the chance to work with Dr Biddulph and we explored the concept of mental health. We thought about our thoughts and feelings and that, as some of us wrote, “If you are positive you will grow a tree of hope!”  We worked collaboratively to compose and perform lines to create a … Continued

World Children’s Day

This week has been full of events that have enriched our knowledge of the world and how we can make a difference in it! On Tuesday, we celebrated Universal Children’s Day by thinking about children’s rights and looking at the experiences of children all over the world. We all realised the part that we can … Continued

World Philosophy Day: does good always triumph over evil?

On Thursday, we celebrated World Philosophy Day by engaging in deep discussions and thinking about the world around us. We became philosophers as we created our own philosophical questions for a diverse range of pictures, somewhat connected to the theme of power and our focus text: Ramayana. In English we explored the Indian epic Ramayana, … Continued

In UCPS Fields!

This week we reflected on the important events happening around the world: Remembrance and Diwali. We thought about how the choices we make can have a positive impact on the world we live in and bring peace. Our English focus was on WW1 poetry and we really showed off our empathy and respect. We read … Continued

Invasion: a powerful start to our term!

Imagine coming back to school and being greeted with the ‘surprise’ of an invasion! Well that is what happened to us as year 5 simulated a takeover of power. They came into our classes and told us that the school was going to change and from now on we had to follow their rules. Can … Continued

Myth Making

Monsters, impossible journeys and heroic deeds have been abundant in Year 3 this week as we created our own myths inspired by the stories of Ancient Greece. We also found time to keep active – to embrace the joy of dance and to challenge ourselves at the recent football tournament. It was a pleasure to … Continued

Book week: Oliver Twist

This week we immersed ourselves in the book Oliver Twist through real experiential learning! On Monday, we all gathered outside for a talk about what was expected of us, inmates of the workhouse. In our English, like real compassionate citizens, we explored how it must have felt like to be Oliver Twist. We took part … Continued

Poetry Day!

This week has been full of great learning experiences! We are really challenging ourselves in our Mathematics learning about place value and 3-digit numbers. We have engaged in collaborative activities to represent and count 3-digit numbers, feeling very proud of our achievements! Place Value 1 Place Value 2 Place Value 3 In English, we are … Continued

Mad about Science

This week had a fascinating Mad Science assembly where we focused on ‘air’ through amusing experiments. We even had toilet paper flying around! We also got very scientific through our exploration of microscopes. In our Ancient Greek learning, we have taken on different roles to fully understand the diversity of Greek personalities. We also had a whole … Continued

Back in Time

We’ve had a fascinating week in Oak and Redwood class, as we immersed ourselves into our new topic: Ancient Greece. We had the privilege to have two different visitors who shared their expertise with us. We were transported right back to Ancient Greece as we participated in a whole day workshop about it. We worked … Continued

A tree-rific start to Year 3

Welcome all Oak and Redwood families to Year 3. Thank you for taking time to read our blog – as well as a place to find awful puns, this will be a hub for all information about Year 3 – it will hopefully give you a flavour of what we have been learning about and … Continued