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The Rescue! (w.c. 13th July)

The Rescue! To make sure you are ready for 2020-21 here are some key learning goals for you to think of: Year 3 to 4 readiness Welcome to week 3, the last week of your ‘UCPSpace’ project learning and the final week of your online learning before the holidays! Hooray! You have found a fuel … Continued

Crash Landing! (w.c. 6th July)

Crash Landing! Welcome to week 2 of the ‘UCPSpace’ project learning! We hope that you enjoyed the launch of our new learning projects last week! The anticipation is building and we hope you can rescue your new teacher from this far away planet! This week you experience a challenging twist to the project! Be sure … Continued

Lift Off! (w/c 29.6.20)

We Have Lift Off! This week, the University of Cambridge Primary School is embarking on a three week project that will culminate in the children meeting their new class teacher at the final Virtual Family Friday on 17th July! The UCPSpace Project draws on English and creative thinking skills as they journey through space to … Continued

Learning Links for w/c 22nd June

Hello everyone. Welcome to a new week of your online learning! Messages for the Week Premier Sport have very kindly offered to send us some fitness and exercise videos that the children can use throughout the week. Each Friday, you will be sent an email with a link to two videos that can be used … Continued

Learning Links for w/c 15th June

Hello everyone! Welcome to a new week of your online learning! Messages for the Week Each week, in addition to the Maths sessions, there will be a focus on an unlock challenge in Maths specific to each year group. (For more explanation, see Mrs Sharman’s video that has been sent to you).Year 3, your unlock … Continued

Learning Links for w/c 8th June

Hello everyone! Please see below for all of your learning links for the week. Although we have numbered the sessions, please feel free to go at your own pace. This week is also Bike Week! Cycling has been a great release for many families during the pandemic and we hope you’ll continue to enjoy cycling … Continued

Learning Links for w/c 1st June

Hello everyone! Welcome back to your online learning! We hope that you had a lovely half term. Please see below for all of your learning links for the week. At the end, we have also compiled an abundance of additional resources for other subjects that you can dip into at your leisure throughout the summer … Continued

Learning links for w/c 18th May

Welcome back to another week of online learning! Can you believe that it is nearly half-term? Here is a booklet all about Empathy for you and your families to do together. Family Activity Pack_Countdown to Empathy Day (1) Mental Health Awareness Week Hosted by the Mental Health Foundation, Mental Health Awareness Week takes place from … Continued

Learning links for w/c 11th May

Welcome back to another week of online learning, we hope you had a lovely long weekend! Here is an uplifting video shared by Mr Smith. You could use this as a prompt for a P4C discussion: Here are some questions it made us think of: What is hope? How do we know when we … Continued

Learning Links for w/c 4th May

This image is taken from Reasons to be Cheerful which is a selection of poems for children and adults alike. Enjoy reading together and remember that you are doing an excellent job! Monday 4th May Maths – We are continuing to learn about time this week, introducing the 24 hour clock. These worksheets will help … Continued

Learning Links for w/c 27th April

Please see below for worksheets and activities linked to this week’s lessons. You will find the Maths and English lessons are on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, with a History project for Thursday and Friday. At the bottom of the post there are lots of other excellent links if you wish to extend your learning. Have … Continued

Welcome back and dive with us Under the Sea w/c 20.04.2020

Welcome back to online learning with Miss Natale, Miss Lownsbrough and Miss Millar.  We hope you and your family kept safe and had a lovely Easter break. Our new topic for this half-term is ‘Under The Sea’.  We will be learning about oceans and seas and thinking about the impact of human behaviour on marine … Continued

Learning links for the w/c 30.03.20

Hi year 3! We hope you had a great weekend and that you are looking forward to week 2 of virtual learning! You will be sent a daily email from enquiries with the UCPS YouTube videos for each day’s learning. If you have any questions during this period, please email the usual and we … Continued

Learning links for the week beginning 23.03.20

Hi year 3! You will be sent a daily email from enquiries with the UCPS YouTube videos for each day’s learning. If you have any questions during this period, please email the usual and we will answer these questions in separate blog posts (to avoid answering similar questions multiple times). In addition, this blog … Continued

STEM WEEK: learning outside!

There have been many highlights this week and we have enjoyed working together and exploring the wonders of our environment. We used our forest to hunt for invertebrates and build bug hotels. We also took part in a KS2 escape room in which we had to solve lots of maths challenges as a class and … Continued

Share a Million Stories!

This week we have delved into books and have started planning our own ones as well as being inspired by well-known books. We thought about the power of sharing stories and the importance of reading for pleasure. Here is the World Book Day website with lots of activities and recommendations for you to explore! … Continued

Around the World in 80 Days

It has been a busy start to the half term and Year 3 have immersed themselves in our new topic ‘Around the World in 80 Days’. The children have particularly enjoyed exploring each of the countries in the Learning Street and finding out about the culture, language, landmarks, traditions and religions there. We have also … Continued

Here We Are: exploring character

This week we delved into the book  Here We Are by Oliver Jeffers and focused on creating characters. We  got a chance to meet another character and work with other classes to get to know our characters well in creative ways. Maple and Nile really enjoyed working together in some role play and drama workshops. … Continued

Find your brave!

This week we celebrated Mental Health and discussed what being brave means and how we can show courage in our everyday lives. In English we have been writing powerful speeches using all the features we have learned in the last few weeks. In Maths we investigated divisibility rules and the relation between multiplication and division. … Continued

The power of persuasion…

Year 3 have really stepped up to the challenge of speech writing this week, exploring many of the different features from the persuasive speeches we studied last week. We are really looking forward to putting them into practice next week when we write our own speeches about making our school sustainable and environmentally friendly. In … Continued

Trip to Cambridge Museum of Technology.

Our highlight this week has been our trip to the Cambridge Museum of Technology. We explored different inventions and took part in interactive, hands-on workshops about bricks, steam pumps, printing press and communication methods. Thank you to all the parents who accompanied us on the trip. In Maths we have been really working hard on … Continued

Do you want to taste the most amazing sandwich?

In English this week we put our instruction knowledge to the test! First, we came up with our perfect sandwich. Next, we wrote detailed instructions on how to make it. After that, our partner made our sandwich to test whether our instructions were suitable. Finally we ate our sandwiches and gave our partners feedback. We … Continued

Interesting inventions!

Welcome back to Spring 1! Our Topic this term is Inventions and we started it by finding everyday inventions around the class. We then had to persuade each other about the best invention, this was a challenge! In Maths we reviewed shapes and enjoyed playing around with tangrams. In English we are learning to write … Continued

Let the Year 3 light shine!

We have reached the end of a busy and creative term. There has been so much learning and we have developed as an energetic and compassionate Year 3 community. This week, we explored the meaning of light and focused on two religions in particular (Christianity and Hinduism). We brainstormed what light means to all of … Continued

Hot chocolate and marshmallows!

We had our final session of forest school this week and we definitely went out with a bang! The title of the blog says it all really, and we even had a few fire starters! We’ve had an amazing time out there this half term and we want to thank Mrs Khan and all of … Continued

Knowing our way around in Kensuke’s Kingdom

This week we have really challenged ourselves with our learning! In Maths, we continued column addition with regrouping and started thinking about the most efficient strategies to solve addition equations. In English, we started focusing on the book Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo. However, halfway through this exciting adventure story, we found a missing part … Continued

Universal Children’s Day!

What seemed like a short week was full of creative and compassionate learning. We celebrated Universal Children’s Day and thought about the rights of children all over the world. We had a special guest, Jacob Warn, who is part of Action for Education, an NGO that focuses on providing safe spaces and education opportunities for … Continued

Be a friend not a bully!

This week we focused on the power of kindness and how it can be the best weapon to prevent bullying. On Friday, we took part in an energetic exercise session for Children in Need. We thought about the difference between conflict, bullying and kindness and shared ways to make our school an even happier place. … Continued

Virtue or vengeance?

This week we immersed ourselves in The Tempest and became real Shakespeare experts! Many of the children reflecting on the week explained that they loved it because: “We got to do lots of acting and take part in telling the story”. The Tempest and its disastrous effects. Our favourite characters. Exploring Ferdinand and Miranda’s feelings. … Continued

What does it mean to be free?

We started our new topic Survival with a powerful story: The Journey by Francesca Sanna.  Throughout the week, we have immersed ourselves in the story by considering the refugees’ journey and trying to understand what feelings they might experience. In maths we are reviewing bridging through 10 to help us develop mental strategies for addition. … Continued

Delightful Diwali

What a busy and inspiring half-term! In Year 3 we are really proud of the way we have engaged in our learning and started building our collaborative skills during our art sessions, playful enquiry and classroom learning. This week we have been reviewing our learning throughout this half-term and finishing our non-chronological reports about King … Continued

Playful performances and passionate learning.

This week, we all proudly performed our LAMDA poem ‘Did you ever play tag with a tiger?’ , some of us were so brave that we presented in front of everyone during assembly. In English we have been busy exploring feelings and stepping in the shoes of Howard Carter when he discovered Tutankhamun’s tomb. To … Continued

Adverbs, additions and autumn adventures

This week we continued exploring Ancient Egypt and found out about the mysteries of Tutankhamun’s tomb. Some of the children have been so inspired by our topic that they asked us to put the link to the Tutankhamun London exhibition. In English, we celebrated National Poetry day by reading, writing and performing some poems … Continued

The creative wonders of Year 3

We can’t believe how quickly the weeks are flying by! This week we have been inspired by our trip to the Fitzwilliam Museum and have immersed ourselves in learning about Ancient Egypt during playful enquiry! Year 3 have particularly loved all the activities in the Learning Street and have been making canopic jars, cartouches, pyramids, … Continued


We’ve had a great week in year 3 beginning our journey to become Egyptologists! All three classes had a brilliant time on their trip to the Fitzwilliam museum. We had a great guided tour around the Egyptian section of the museum. Who really was Tutankhamun? Well that is exactly what we are finding out in … Continued

Back to school!

We’ve had an exciting start in Year 3 and dedicated ourselves to learning about the school’s values in interactive and playful ways.   In English, we met some interesting characters and thought about how to create a brilliant character ourselves. We will become experts in developing characters in the following weeks. The novelty this year … Continued