Delightful Diwali

October 18, 2019

What a busy and inspiring half-term! In Year 3 we are really proud of the way we have engaged in our learning and started building our collaborative skills during our art sessions, playful enquiry and classroom learning.

This week we have been reviewing our learning throughout this half-term and finishing our non-chronological reports about King Tutankhamun. We hope you are as excited about reading them as we have been about writing them.

On Wednesday the whole school celebrated Diwali and we had Indian food and a creative afternoon making lanterns, Rangoli patterns and dancing.


  • We will be starting our new topic Survival. Follow the link on the school website if you want to find out more.
  • Please remember to bring in reading records every Monday so that we can change them by Tuesday,  otherwise the children will have to wait another week for them.
  • During A2 we will be starting forest school sessions. There has been a parent email sent out to explain further what this was about. Oak and Maple will be doing their sessions on a Wednesday and Redwood will do theirs on a Friday.


  • There are still many children finding it difficult to spell the KS1 common exception words. Practising these frequently will help children become more confident in their writing. One strategy you could use to support your child with spellings is to look, say, cover, write and check each spelling. Children could then challenge themselves by writing sentences with these spellings. KS1-common-exception-words
  • To develop children’s reading skills you could practise reading out loud and plan in opportunities for children to talk about the books and stories they read and summarise them. Remember you have logins for Readtheory  and BugClub
  • Guided Reading: during week one of A2 we will be reading this text if you would like to pre-read it with your child. Dragons and Giants Text
  • Maths: children could practise their place value knowledge and counting on number lines using Mathletics. They could also challenge themselves with these 5 a day questions: Bronze-Oct-21 Bronze-Oct-22 Bronze-Oct-23 Bronze-Oct-24 Bronze-Oct-25
  • Go on a trip to London to visit Tutankhamun’s treasures and ask the children to be the expert guides.

French phrases we have learnt this term:

A. Bonjour. Comment t’appelles-tu?
B. Je m’appelle…. et toi?
A. Moi, je m’appelle …. Quel age as tu?
B. J’ai…. ans. Et toi?
A. J’ai… ans. Où habites tu?
B. J’habite à…. et toi?
A. J’habite à ….
B. Cool, merci et à bientot.
A. A’ bientot.

This is the song we have been singing every session: Bonjour, salut, ca va?

We have also practised colours and numbers up to 12 as well as explaining how we feel.

Have a lovely half-term and we look forward to seeing you on Monday 28th.