Do you want to taste the most amazing sandwich?

January 17, 2020

In English this week we put our instruction knowledge to the test! First, we came up with our perfect sandwich. Next, we wrote detailed instructions on how to make it. After that, our partner made our sandwich to test whether our instructions were suitable. Finally we ate our sandwiches and gave our partners feedback. We had a very tasty time!

Maths this week has been full of multiplication. We learnt our 3 and 6 times table and then reasoned how the two times table link together. Check out what we did and practice here: links between 3 and 6 x tables L4, 6 x table L3 ,  6 x table journaling challenge L3, 3x table L1, 3x and 6x L5 journalling

In Science we are learning about electricity and this week we looked at the dangers electricity presents in the home. Here is the link for a website we particularly enjoyed


Trip to the Museum of Technology Thursday 23rd January

Please could we remind you that the children will need to bring their own packed lunch into school as we will be eating before we leave for the trip. The children must come to school in full school uniform and will need to bring a named water bottle and a coat. Drop off and pick up times are as normal.



Guided Reading: Ice skating text

  • We are still having a few issues with incomplete PE kit. The children must have a pair of outdoor shoes (preferably trainers) for outdoor PE. As the weather is cold, a dark or navy jumper to change into for PE is also a necessity.