The creative wonders of Year 3

September 26, 2019

We can’t believe how quickly the weeks are flying by! This week we have been inspired by our trip to the Fitzwilliam Museum and have immersed ourselves in learning about Ancient Egypt during playful enquiry! Year 3 have particularly loved all the activities in the Learning Street and have been making canopic jars, cartouches, pyramids, mummies and more.

In Science we have been investigating what happens when we add vinegar to different types of rock.

In Maths we have been learning about the place value of 3 digit numbers, representing these in different ways and explaining the value of each digit.

If you would like to practise this at home please find the worksheets here:

W3 Maths Place Value l2

W3 Maths Place Value l4

Our focus in English this week has been on Tutankhamun and describing why he was such an famous pharaoh using the past tense. If you would like to practise this please find a spellings sheet here:

SPaG adding ed to make past tense

We also celebrated European Day of Languages this week and we all practised greeting each other in different languages and learned new words in French.


Cambridgeshire County Council, are having new Gritters delivered this Autumn. They are now asking Junior Travel Ambassador School pupils to NAME THE GRITTERS. They are looking for INNOVATION, IMAGINATION, and, of course HUMOUR!

The lucky winners will be invited to a naming ceremony at one of their depots in the county and will all receive a Road Safety Goodie Bag and a picture of their Gritter! 

Please email your entry to by Monday 14th October 2019. The subject line should read GRITTER COMPETITION  and you MUST give the name of the child, the name of the Gritter and school the child attends in the email. Good luck!

Next Week:

  • Books will be changed on a Monday or a Tuesday. Please ensure that your child brings in their reading book and reading record to help us do this. We would find it really helpful if you or your child could make any comments about book levels in their reading record to help us choose the appropriate level for your child.
  • PE lessons are Monday and Friday for Maple, Wednesday and Thursday for Oak, and Monday and Wednesday for Redwood but please have kits in all week if possible.
  • We have talked to the Year 3 classes about playing cards. We have explained to them that these can be used only during playtime with respect for our Golden Agreements. These are not to be taken out at any point during lesson time, lunch or other learning activities. Furthermore, any toys should be kept in the bag at all times and they are children’s responsibility so we can’t do anything once these are lost.
  • Our Guided Reading text will focus on poetry next week. If you would like to read through the poem with your child in advance, please find it here:

Chocolate Cake Poem

You can also watch Michael Rosen performing it by following this link: