Universal Children’s Day!

November 21, 2019

What seemed like a short week was full of creative and compassionate learning.

We celebrated Universal Children’s Day and thought about the rights of children all over the world. We had a special guest, Jacob Warn, who is part of Action for Education, an NGO that focuses on providing safe spaces and education opportunities for refugee children and young people. We showed our kindness by donating some coins, here is the link of the charity if you want to donate anymore https://www.justgiving.com/actionforeducation-prism.

We participated in a music workshops based on Teacup and explored how senses are linked to noises. We recreated a storm using our voices and bodies:

In maths, we have been practising column addition with regrouping. We have used dienes to learn what happens when we need to exchange.

In English we used our powerful words from last week to write poems about nature.

Learning challenges:

Maths practical addition questions

Reading for next week:

Dragon-Fly-Out-in-the-Sun Poem


Next week there will be the spelling workshop on Thursday 28th.

It is getting colder outside so please make sure all children have their coats.

We have noticed that some children don’t have water bottles so please make sure they have one in school at all times.

Christmas Post opens.

Tuesday:  Focus Disco.

We will be focusing on column addition in mathematics and beginning our English work based on Kensuke’s Kingdom.

Have a lovely long weekend!